Villarta Tuñón, Ángeles

Villarta Tuñón, Ángeles
b. 1921, Belmore (Asturias)
   Educated in Switzerland, Villarta produced her cosmopolitan fiction from the late 1940s to the 1960s. She edited the comic magazine Don Venerando and the second series of La novela corta. Beginning close to the pulp romance with novels such as Un pleno de amor (Dance of Love) (1942), Por encima de las nieblas (Above the Mist) (1943), and Muchachas que trabajan (Working Girls) (1944), she progressed to politicosocial commitment in Ahora que soy estraperlista (Since I'm a Black Marketeer) (1949) and Con derecho a cocina (Cooking Privileges) (1950), treating themes favoured by "critical realists" of the "Mid-Century Generation". Una mujer fea (An Ugly Woman) (1953) expresses growing feminist preoccupations.
   Further reading
   - Pérez, J. (1988). Contemporary Women Writers of Spain, Boston, MA: G.K.Hall, 117 (a brief biobibliographical overview).

Encyclopedia of contemporary Spanish culture. 2013.

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